A sector growing in prominence

Securing investment opportunities in psychedelics

Once stigmatised substances prohibited in their use, psychedelics have, recently, increasingly been used as alternative medicines for treating a range of disorders – including depression, PTSD and substance use. It’s clear that transitions into psychedelics, from companies previously invested in both related and unrelated industries, are progressively on the rise.

The growing acceptance of psychedelics in this context opens up exciting opportunities for investors. Indeed, we have seen more and more companies pouring investment both directly and indirectly into psychedelics, and we can help you to take your cue from these instances. We can assist you in applying the entrepreneurial spirit you have already honed to the psychedelics sector. In this way, we can bring you into contact with new investors and leverage your connections with your existing investor base.

By astutely managing your brand’s profile and helping you to put forward your ideas through a series of multi-channel communications campaigns we run on your behalf, we can foster trust in your contribution to the psychedelics industry. Consequently, you can establish your firm as a leading light in this sector.

Bringing psychedelics to global respectability

We have long-established links with institutional investors, investment bankers, high net worth individuals and hedge fund managers, and can tap into this network to help you unlock your growth potential. People and companies are getting invested in psychedelics in different industries across the globe, and there’s room for more.

  • In consultation with you, we will discern your aims and KPIs and thoroughly audit where you currently stand in your mission.
  • We will look at the promotional activities within our remit and determine which of them could most effectively encourage interest in your corporate activities.
  • We will carefully select a range of means, including public relations and social media, of engaging with investors and inviting financial contributions to your cause.
  • In doing so, we will enlighten these investors on why they ought to prioritise investing in your brand over competing organisations.
  • You will get new, valuable opportunities for fruitfully engaging with your audience, and we will look out for those opportunities and help you to act on them.
  • As we oversee your corporate strategy, we will professionally and positively handle any crisis or other unexpected change in the industry that arises.

We can steer every single aspect of your psychedelics campaign, from your brand’s website to its social channels. Our work can also include introducing you to promising new investors and helping you to maximise the effectiveness of those with whom you have already forged connections.

Communicating the appeal of what you offer

  • Our clients are highly active in the psychedelics industry.
  • We can turn your niche into an exciting chance for investors.

Our work sees us connecting listed companies with investors to help realise the full potential of each. We invite you to contact us to learn how, with our guidance, you can more easily position your business for success in the emerging psychedelics sector across the world.

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