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HE Capital has worked with listed companies of all sizes, across a number of constantly evolving sectors. Enhancing corporate profiles, raising reputations, and stimulating the key source of business growth investment we have an ingrained understanding of the opportunities and challenges our clients face. Always up to date with changes in the financial sector too, we identify, target and reach out to the right opportunities. From the moment you make contact with us, you are tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience in stock-brokering, investor relations, public relations, and digital and social media campaigns. Connecting you with your most important audience, your goals become ours – and our New York team will be dedicated to achieving them.

With a strategic, multi-platform approach, we reinforce your most crucial investment relationships, establish your company with carefully positioned media posts, and grow your audience with creative, targeted campaigns across the digital communications sphere.


Ideally located in the capital of North American finance, our New York based team have access to a host of institutional investors, high net worth individuals and hedge fund managers around the world just waiting to be educated on your company:

  • Our first crucial step is to assess your profile as it stands, and establish what is required to achieve your ambitions
  • Building trust with key networks, our investor relations programmes begin to inspire your most important contacts
  • Simultaneously enhancing your reputation across the sector, we apply effective public relations across the most relevant media
  • Strategising your digital presence, we can begin to reach a targeted audience with your message
  • Any surprises internally or elsewhere in the sector will be handled professionally and proactively by our crisis management expertise
  • Regularly looking for ideal opportunities to put you face to face with investors, we’ll work with your corporate calendar at all times

HE Capital will update you on a regular basis, with detailed reports and phone calls. Always here to discuss progress and implement your ideas, we will be your new partner in securing capital.


  • With other offices in Canada and Europe, we are ideally placed to expand your network of investors
  • With a comprehensive background in stock-brokering our team have an extensive knowledge of the capital markets

Every company we work with receives an original strategy, and effective communications management. To realise your potential today, call our New York office to speak to a member of our team.

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