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With the cannabis sector already thriving across North America, Europe is quickly catching on to the astonishing opportunities of the industry’s versatile products. Ideally placed with offices in Vancouver, New York, Toronto and London, we assist our clients with securing the capital they need to succeed in this modern sector. We build on the entrepreneurial mindset you’ve already adopted to make a name in the cannabis sector, helping you to reach new investors, communicate with your existing network and firmly establish your company at the forefront of the industry. With creative, strategic and ultimately compelling, multi-channel communications campaigns, we generate trust and interest in your products, research and expertise.

With the right combination of media, and astute management of your company profile, we act as a partner in helping you to reach your goals and objectives. Our results-driven blueprint for success is measured by the value we add to your company, and its enhanced position in the market.


With an extensive network of institutional investors, investment bankers, high net worth individuals and hedge fund managers, you’ll be immediately and superbly placed to secure the extra value you need to grow:

  • Upon initial contact, we’ll identify your goals and KPIs and perform a comprehensive audit of your position as it stands.
  • With a range of promotional activities instantly available, we’ll decipher the most effective method of stimulating interest in your company.
  • With a potential combination of investor relations, public relations and digital and social media, we’ll get to work on engaging with the investment community.
  • Educating them on why you, above your competition, are their most attractive proposition, we’ll elevate your profile to exciting, enticing new levels.
  • Continuously identifying new opportunities for you to engage with your audience at all levels, we’ll work proactively and strategically at every stage.
  • When we manage your corporate strategy, any crisis or unanticipated change in the sector will be handled professionally and positively throughout.

From your website to your social channels, your existing investors to those you’ve yet to meet, HE Capital will guide and manage every aspect of your profile. We never presume we perfect. We don’t guess we strategise. We are as invested with you as you are with us.


  • Our clients are involved with every stage of the cannabis sector
  • Your niche will become an unmissable opportunity for investors

We reach out to listed companies all around the world and then help them to reach out to investors. To discuss how we can assist with positioning your company in the growing European and North American cannabis sector, simply get in touch to get started.

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