With each and every listed company we reach out to, or who makes contact with one of our offices, we work meticulously and continuously to elevate their reputation across the sector. We believe that, by stimulating an open and clear line of communication between your existing and potential investors, trust, interest and capital can be raised to new levels. How we achieve this is different from company to company, but the result is always the same. People learn about what your company offers and want to find out more. Creating confidence in your products, manufacturing, research and equipment, HE Capital work as your partner throughout; just as invested in you as you are in us from the very start.

We leverage multiple services to complement your business, taking to digital and social media platforms with creative campaigns and ensuring your presence is felt with timely PR. When combined with investor relations, we nurture the presence of your company, outside and in.


As committed to providing as transparent a service as you are, we will regularly communicate with you as part of your partnership with HE Capital and we will always be available to talk you through progress:

  • With a thorough audit of your company and its business goals, we’ll discover the best way to appease stakeholders and attract capital.
  • Engaging with the right media contacts around the world, we’ll raise your profile with influential, effective PR storytelling
  • Applying our expertise in investor relations, we’ll drive the value and potential of your company within the sector
  • Engaging new investors worldwide with creative and strategic messages online, we’ll promote your company to entirely new audiences
  • Managing any crisis news in the sector or your company, your proactive approach to challenge won’t go unnoticed
  • Also putting you in the ideal position to speak face-to-face with your audience, we’ll book you in for potentially crucial exhibitions and events

Listed companies in the pharmaceuticals sector work with HE Capital to achieve business goals and drive value for everyone involved in the company. We support sales and marketing, engage your shareholders and, ultimately, build value.


  • We always have one ear to the ground for trends, innovations and opportunities
  • Every piece of knowledge we acquire will be used to your advantage

With an extensive background in stock brokering, our professionals have access to the latest insights, contacts and high-net-worth individuals in the pharmaceuticals sector, and can keep your company one step ahead of the competition at all times.

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