About HE Capital


With the right strategy in place, there’s no limit to what your company can achieve. Whether it’s Investor Relations and Shareholder Communications, inspiring Public Relations programmes, Equity Financing, or Digital and Social Media campaigns that you require to boost your value, HE Capital Markets will take care of every essential aspect on your behalf.

Putting you face-to-face with the right high net worth individuals, placing your company at the ideal expos and roadshows, or positioning you ideally online, we only accomplish our goals when you reach yours.

Drawing upon our years of experience across all forms of media and stock-brokering, and with an in-depth knowledge of capital markets, our expert team is entirely dedicated to delivering inspiring, creative and strategic communications.


We strive to improve our results with every client and campaign, and regularly engross ourselves in the latest news, achievements and developments across the diverse range of sectors that we work in. By doing so, we are able to challenge expectation, push the boundaries of what can be achieved, and identify the right opportunities for our global network of clients.

And with an extensive bank of contacts and institutional investors on hand, we’re ideally placed to put you in touch with the right investors. We work with public limited companies on the stock market in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America and crucially, know how to tailor our campaigns to each market.


We believe in building market value through strategic consultation, financial marketing, brand positioning and targeted investor communications. This means regular contact not just with investors, but with you too. With regular reports, reassurance and open-ended discussions about your expectations, your own interests will always be paramount in what we do.

Essentially, we recognise that it's not only the market that can change on a daily basis, your own goals and aspirations can, too. We make all of our clients feel well-informed and intrinsically involved in our strategies, ensuring we are always on track to deliver what you want - and you'll never be in the dark about what we're doing.

Our greatest strength is also our key principle, we excel at boosting value and attracting investment. We know this because it's what we do, it's why our existing clients continue with us, and every aspect of how we work is designed to deliver it.

With offices in Vancouver, New York, London and Frankfurt, we are ideally positioned to put you in touch with the right opportunities across North America and Europe. We specialise in six key sectors, which you can read more about across our site.

However, naturally, we're also specialists in the art of communication, so you shouldn't hesitate to get in touch. We value your input during every stage of each campaign, and will keep in touch with you even if you're too busy to call us.

Our Vision


To give you the utmost in opportunities, putting you within reach of institutional and private investors worldwide.


To create thought-provoking campaigns that are delivered at the most opportune moments.


To provide you with not just the right results, but also an astute level of knowledge about how to continuously generate investment.


To work tirelessly, creatively and strategically to get you the best investors for your company in your sector.


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